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What Time Should I Get to Court?

You should arrive fifteen minutes early, unless your attorney tells you otherwise. There's probably no need to show up more than fifteen minutes early. It is also a good idea to bring something to read while you're waiting in court. Sometimes it can take over an hour for the judge to call your case. You can bring a book or magazine to court with you to help pass the time. You should not bring a newspaper.

What Should I Do when I Get to Court?

Come inside and sit down on one of the benches. You'll have to pass through a metal detector so make sure that you're ready for that. If you're wearing a hat, you'll have to take it off in the courtroom and the should not chew gum in the courtroom.

Do I Need to Check in With Anyone when I Get to Court?

No. The judge will just call out your name when he's ready to hear your case. You don't need to inform anyone that you've arrived.