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Excellent Outcome

I'm leaving this review to help those who find themselves in the situation I did, which was needing an attorney in another state. While visiting Virginia from out of state, I was issued a summons for a moving violation. There was no way I could return to Virginia for the court hearing so if I was going to dispute it, I needed an advocate that was local. I received several solicitation letters regarding the court filing, but ended up hiring a firm that assigned my case to Bryan. He was very thoughtful with his advice and approach to my particular case, went to the hearing on my behalf and ended up with a dismissal of the charges. There simply was not a better outcome possible and I obviously would recommend him.

– J.A.

Great Help with Traffic Ticket

Bryan was very helpful and knowledgeable. I spoke to 5 other attorneys who were willing to represent me for a reckless driving ticket in VA. Bryan was the most down to earth and accessible. He picked up his cel phone when I called on the weekends and was very quick to respond to emails. He got my charge reduced to improper driving, which is a big help. I'd strongly recommend him.

– S.C.

Reckless Driving

Bryan Jones' thoughtful counsel guided me through the court process producing the best possible resolution of a reckless-driving-with-speed charge. When I was stopped for going 90 in a 70 mile zone just north of Harrisonburg, Bryan advised me to provide a copy of my driving record, a certificate from the AAA driving course, a record of the calibration of the speedometer. With those in hand he successfully negotiated what could have been a class one misdemeanor to a charge of improper operation of a vehicle, the equivalent of driving five miles over the speed limit. It helped that I had been polite when pulled over, but, ultimately, it was Bryan who had to convince the prosecutor that my driving record, calibration showing the speedometer was off by three miles per hour, and completion of the driving course warranted reduced charges. I am grateful that he was able to do so, both limiting the impact on my driving record--a three point deduction--and on my psyche. He saved me a lengthy trip to Harrisonburg and the worry of a court appearance. Many thanks for the professional representation, Bryan.

– B.V.

Charge Reduced

I worked with Bryan on a case last week and I was very impressed. He was always prompt when returning calls and emails about the case. I live four hours from the courthouse and he was able to appear on my behalf and have my charges reduced. I was very pleased with his work.

– B.L.


Bryan was professional and returned calls and emails promptly. We have attorneys in the family - but I would easily go to Bryan again!

- Anonymous

Felony Fraud

Bryan is an incredibly talented lawyer with great reasoning. Despite a hard case, and lots of resources against me, his defense won the case for a very affordable price. I could tell he personally cared about the case, and was very thorough. I would recommend Bryan to everyone, much respect for this man.

– A.K.


Bryan was great. He was able to get my DUI charge dismissed. It was easy to communicate with him and he kept me informed. He helped me understand my options and the risks of taking my case to trial. I would not hesitate to recommend him as an attorney and I'd use him again without hesitation.

– J.L.

Felony Drug Charges

I was incarcerated on felony drug charges. I was assigned a public defender who was a civil litigator. After her review of the case she advised me to plead guilty which meant a minimum of three and a maximum of fifteen years in a state prison. I was concerned about getting competent representation so I used Avvo to screen various attorneys. I came across the profile of Bryan Jones and based upon his experience in criminal cases and the positive reviews I read I hired him. We discussed fees and Bryan was sensitive to the fact that my financial resources were very limited. After reaching an agreement of fees Bryan reviewed my case and advised me on various courses we could pursue. Our goal became to get help with my drug problem and to that end Bryan worked to get me sentenced to a rehabilitation program. The judge was inclined to impose a long prison sentence but Bryan was able to work with the prosecuting attorney and a physician to recommend a rehab program. The judge reluctantly agreed and I am going to attend that program. If you are in need of legal counsel, especially in the area of criminal representation I recommend, without hesitation, Bryan Jones.

– S.K.

Worth Every Penny

I can't recommend Bryan Jones enough. Thanks for everything you do for good people caught up in bad situations. Worth every penny.

- Anonymous

I Recommend

I was incarcerated on felony drug charges and Bryan represented me. If you are in need of legal counsel, I recommend, without hesitation, Bryan Jones.

- Anonymous

On My Side

A big thank you to Bryan for helping me in my time of need. I am from NC and was jailed in VA. So glad I had him on my side. if you ever need a great lawyer, please look Bryan up.

- Anonymous