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Criminal Defense & Post-Convictions Attorney in Charlottesville, Virginia

Bryan Jones

Bryan Jones

Attorney at Law

Attorney Bryan Jones understands the laws in Virginia are not always fair, which is why he's committed to fighting for the underdog. His attention to detail and vigor in the courtroom make him the criminal defender you want on your case. Whether you've been charged with a DUI or violating a protective order, Attorney Jones has the skills to help you seek a fair outcome. He proudly represents clients in Charlottesville, Virginia, and its surrounding areas. Contact him about your case in Greene, Louisa, or Fluvanna County.


"My fulfillment comes from helping clients in difficult times in their lives."

Attorney Bryan Jones

Fierce Defense from Start to Finish

A criminal conviction can cause a devastating blow to your life, both now and in the future. If you've recently been charged with a crime, you could be facing hefty fines or even jail time. You have the right to fight back against your charges in Charlottesville, Virginia. Work with a skilled criminal defense attorney to start pursuing a favorable outcome.

At Bryan J. Jones, LLC, we aggressively defend the rights of our clients. Our vast industry knowledge and trial experience have prepared us to fight for your future. If you've been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, we want to help you seek justice. Let's work together to better your chances of a sentence reduction or case dismissal.

Our collaborative approach allows us to better represent our clients. When you work with us, we'll take the time to get to know your story. We'll then work with you to create a defense plan tailored to your needs. When your freedom, your future, and your reputation are on the line, only the best defense is good enough.

Whether your arrest involved a drug charge, a sex offense, or another crime, you deserve an attorney who will advocate aggressively on your behalf. Contact us at Bryan J. Jones, LLC in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our attorney proudly represents the nearby counties of Greene, Louisa, and Fluvanna. Schedule a consultation with us today to start telling us your story.

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You Have rights after a conviction

After a criminal conviction, it's easy to feel hopeless. You may feel as though you've exhausted your options. However, your battle doesn't have to be over. If you feel you did not receive a fair trial, contact an attorney as soon as possible to start defending your innocence. Your pursuit of justice in Charlottesville, Virginia, may not be finished yet.

To find out if you have substantial grounds for post-conviction relief, get in touch with us at Bryan J. Jones, LLC today. Our team is prepared to go over your original case and answer any questions you may have about the appeals process. Together, we can explore your options, which may include filing a habeas corpus petition or a pardon in the state of Virginia.

A false or unfair conviction occurs more often than one may think. Everyone has a constitutional right to a fair trial. If there were any significant errors made along the way that resulted in your conviction, you deserve an opportunity to pursue justice. Get the guidance you need to move forward with the help of a knowledgeable legal team.

A criminal conviction doesn't have to be the final outcome of your case. Don't give up hope yet. At Bryan J. Jones, LLC, defending your rights is our top priority. We'll be by your side as you navigate the legal process. If you need skilled representation in Charlottesville, Virginia, contact our office today. We also serve clients in Greene, Louisa, and Fluvanna counties.