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When Can I Serve My Prison Sentence on Work Release in Virginia?

April 3, 2017

Under the Virginia Department of Corrections' Departmental Operating Procedures, inmates who are nearing the end of their sentence and who meet specific eligibility criteria can be considered for work release. In order to be eligible for work release, you must be:

  1. In Security Level 1

  2. In Class Level 1 (Good Time Earning Level)

  3. Have no violent offenses, either past or current

  4. Be within 14 months of your Good Time Release Date or Mandatory Release Date

  5. Have worked outside the security perimeter for six months

If you meet these criteria, you may apply for work release through your counselor. You will fill out a JCW application form, which your counselor can provide to you. The completed application is sent by your counselor to the DOC's Offender Management Services Unit in Richmond for review. If approved, your name is placed on the waiting list for transfer to a jail. Placement and transfer is coordinated by the DOC. Neither you nor your family should contact the jail.

Here is a link to the Virginia Department of Corrections website with information on the work release program: VADOC Work Release.

What Qualifies as A Violent Offense for Purposes of the Work Release Program?

If you've been convicted of any of the following offenses, you are not eligible for work release because the Virginia Department of Corrections considers them violent offenses:

  • Murder/homicide

  • Robbery

  • Carjacking

  • Kidnapping/abduction

  • Sex related crimes

  • Unlawful wounding

  • Malicious wounding

  • Felonious assault

  • Maiming

This list was obtained directly from the Virginia Department of Corrections' website.