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What Time Should I Get to Court?

Feb. 15, 2017

You should arrive fifteen minutes early, unless your attorney tells you otherwise. There's probably no need to show up more than fifteen minutes early. It is also a good idea to bring something to read while you're waiting in court. Sometimes it can take over an hour for the judge to call your case. You can bring a book or magazine to court with you to help pass the time. You should not bring a newspaper.

What Should I Do when I Get to Court?

Come inside and sit down on one of the benches. You'll have to pass through a metal detector so make sure that you're ready for that. If you're wearing a hat, you'll have to take it off in the courtroom and the should not chew gum in the courtroom.

Do I Need to Check in With Anyone when I Get to Court?

No. The judge will just call out your name when he's ready to hear your case. You don't need to inform anyone that you've arrived.