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What if The Police Don't Read Me My (Miranda) Rights?

Nov. 13, 2017

What if The Police Don't Read You Your Rights?

It depends. The first thing you should do is consult an attorney. Many people don't understand why police read you your rights and what happens when they don't read you your rights. There are many common misunderstandings. Police are only required to read you your rights after you've been arrested and before they interrogate you. So if the police never arrest you or never interrogate you, they don't have to read you your rights.

The purpose of reading someone their rights is to make sure that any statements that person makes are not coerced. If the police aren't trying to get any statements from you, they don't have to worry about reading your rights.

If you're arrested and the police start asking you questions and they don't read you your rights, any statement you make cannot be used in court against you. So even if you confess to a murder, that confession would be thrown out.

Should I Waive My Rights and Speak with The Police?

No. If police are interviewing you, they are trying to gather evidence to charge you or someone else with a crime. Even if police tell you that you aren't in trouble, police are trained to lie so you should never believe them. They are trained to lie and they lie to people all the time. Never trust someone who is trained to lie. Please speak with an attorney before being tricked by the police into waiving your rights.

Won't I Look Guilty if I Don't Speak with The Police?

It doesn't matter. The fact that you asserted your rights can't be used against you at trial. So once the police charge you with a crime and you're brought into court, it can't be used against you. Please do not worry that you'll look guilty if you don't talk to the police. Actually, most people who are guilty foolishly waive their rights and speak with police all the time. Judges and police officers will consider you smart if you don't speak with them


Police officers are trained to lie. Never speak with people who are trained to lie. You can never trust a police officer. Chances are, if a police officer is trying to speak with you, you are the target of an investigation and they are looking to charge you with a crime. Please speak with an attorney before you say anything to the police.