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Increase in Domestic Violence Accusations During Covid-19

May 13, 2020

In March, Governor Northam issued stay-at-home orders for most residents of Virginia. Couples and families are used to spending some time apart, like going to work or school, hanging out with friends, or out-of-town trips. Now, with so many people spending the majority of their time in the home, it can cause tension. The stress is made worse for many who lost their jobs, are worried about layoffs, or those struggling to pay the bills.

The stress may be causing couples and family members to get into more arguments and fights. Arguments may turn violent, leading to domestic assault. However, fights may also lead to false accusations of domestic violence. An innocent person who is accused of assault may be prevented from seeing their children, have to find a new place to live, or have their guns taken away.

Fighting After Stay-At-Home Restrictions

Fighting and arguments may be increasing during the coronavirus outbreak because people are stressed and they have limited outlets to avoid fights. After the COVID-19 outbreak and stay-at-home orders in China, domestic violence in China reportedly increased. Now, we are seeing similar reports in the U.S. According to an NBC news article, police in some areas are reporting a rise in domestic violence calls amid the lockdown.

Some of the most common reasons couples get into arguments involve money problems, alcohol, losing a job, and even who is doing their share of chores and child care. All of these things may be worse than normal under the COVID-19 outbreak. More people are out of work, people may be drinking more than normal, and kids are spending most of their day at home.

After a fight, someone may just have had enough and falsely accuse the other of domestic violence to punish them or get them out of the house. A new source of fights may involve couples who fight over protective measures and breaking stay-at-home orders. One partner may get angry at the other who goes shopping and accuses them of not taking safety precautions seriously.

The person falsely accused of domestic violence may face arrest, criminal charges, and a protective order. Anyone arrested for domestic violence understands the stigma of being accused of domestic abuse, even before they have had their day in court.

Defending Against False Accusations of Abuse

There are a number of defenses available if you are accused of domestic violence. Your attorney can build a strong case to show the accuser lied about the abuse. Your attorney can gather evidence that the accusations were false, including phone, computer, and social media messages to others that contradicts their story. Many accusers think that if they delete a message then there is no evidence. However, there may be ways to get computer records even after the user deletes the evidence.

Charlottesville Domestic Violence Defense

Many people plead guilty to domestic violence charges just because the prosecutor makes them feel like they have no other choice. Before pleading guilty to a domestic violence charge, make sure you understand your options and your rights. If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence in the greater Charlottesville area, do not hesitate to contact Bryan J. Jones today.