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Felony drug charges

I was incarcerated on felony drug charges. I was assigned a public defender who was a civil litigator. After her review of the case she advised me to plead guilty which meant a minimum of three and a maximum of fifteen years in a state prison.  I was concerned about getting competent representation so I used Avvo to screen various attorneys. I came across the profile of Bryan Jones and based upon his experience in criminal cases and the positive reviews I read I hired him. We discussed fees and Bryan was sensitive to the fact that my financial resources were very limited. After reaching an agreement of fees Bryan reviewed my case and advised me on various courses we could pursue. Our goal became to get help with my drug problem and to that end Bryan worked to get me sentenced to a rehabilitation program. The judge was inclined to impose a long prison sentence but Bryan was able to work with the prosecuting attorney and a physician to recommend a rehab program. The judge reluctantly agreed and I am going to attend that program. If you are in need of legal counsel, especially in the area of criminal representation I recommend, without hesitation, Bryan Jones.

– S.K.


In criminal cases, time is a crucial factor. Retaining an attorney as soon as you are charged is important. Contact the law offices of Bryan J. Jones, LLC to defend your case and help develop a strategy tailored just for you.