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Larceny, Fraud & Embezzlement

Larceny, Fraud & Embezzlement

Whether you're charged with Larceny, Fraud, or Embezzlement the stakes are high because your future employment is at risk. Criminal convictions involving theft or fraud can have significantly negative consequences for future job prospects. You need an attorney who can defend you for a reasonable price and with your best interests at heart.

Will I go to prison if I'm convicted of larceny, fraud or embezzlement?

Often the answer is no. Many people who are charged with larceny, fraud or embezzlement have never been charged of convicted of any criminal offenses before. If this is your first criminal offense, the chances of avoiding jail time increase. The dollar amount involved is also very important. The lower the dollar amount, the better the chance you'll avoid jail time. 

If I'm charged with a felony, can it be reduced to a misdemeanor?

Yes. A felony larceny, fraud or embezzlement charge can be reduced to a misdemeanor. Often, in exchange for reducing a felony to a misdemeanor, a prosecutor will require that you serve some amount of jail time. You will also still have to pay restitution in full.

Can my case be dismissed if I agree to go on probation?

Probably not. Some places in Virginia also people charged with a first offense shoplifting to complete community service and a shoplifting prevention course to avoid a conviction for shoplifting. However, many courts do not have that same policy. Most courts will either find you guilty or not guilty. If there's enough evidence to convict you, you will be found guilty. If not, you will be found not guilty. An attorney who is familiar with the judge and prosecutor's office will be able to advise you.


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