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Excellent outcome

I'm leaving this review to help those who find themselves in the situation I did, which was needing an attorney in another state. While visiting Virginia from out of state, I was issued a summons for a moving violation. There was no way I could return to Virginia for the court hearing so if I was going to dispute it, I needed an advocate that was local. I received several solicitation letters regarding the court filing, but ended up hiring a firm that assigned my case to Bryan. He was very thoughtful with his advice and approach to my particular case, went to the hearing on my behalf and ended up with a dismissal of the charges. There simply was not a better outcome possible and I obviously would recommend him.

– J.A.


In criminal cases, time is a crucial factor. Retaining an attorney as soon as you are charged is important. Contact the law offices of Bryan J. Jones, LLC to defend your case and help develop a strategy tailored just for you.