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Reckless driving

Bryan Jones' thoughtful counsel guided me through the court process producing the best possible resolution of a reckless-driving-with-speed charge. When I was stopped for going 90 in a 70 mile zone just north of Harrisonburg, Bryan advised me to provide a copy of my driving record, a certificate from the AAA driving course, a record of the calibration of the speedometer. With those in hand he successfully negotiated what could have been a class one misdemeanor to a charge of improper operation of a vehicle, the equivalent of driving five miles over the speed limit. It helped that I had been polite when pulled over, but, ultimately, it was Bryan who had to convince the prosecutor that my driving record, calibration showing the speedometer was off by three miles per hour, and completion of the driving course warranted reduced charges. I am grateful that he was able to do so, both limiting the impact on my driving record--a three point deduction--and on my psyche. He saved me a lengthy trip to Harrisonburg and the worry of a court appearance. Many thanks for the professional representation, Bryan.

– B.V.


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