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Robbery means taking something from someone by force or the threat of force. You must take it directly from someone or from their presence. If you take it when they are not around, it's larceny rather than robbery. Robbery doesn't require a weapon. Yoou can be convicted of robbery even when no weapon is involved. 

What's the punishment for robbery?

Robbery carries a maximum of life in prison.

Can I get a bond if I'm charged with robbery?

It depends, but being charged with robbery carries a presumption against bond. That means you will have an uphill battle getting a bond. It also depends on where you're charged. If you're charged in Charlottesville, you will probably not get a bond, especially if the robbery involved a gun.

What if I'm charged with attempted robbery?

Attempted robbery is a class 4 felony. That means it carries a maximum of ten years in prison. To convict you of attempted robbery the prosecution just has to show that you tried unsuccessfully to rob someone. 

What are the possible defenses to robbery?

The most common defense is mistaken identity. Many robberies are committed against strangers so the victim must be able to identity someone they don't know. Eyewitness identification is very unreliable and a good attorney will be able to test whether the victim's identification with hold up in court.

Another possible defense to robbery is that no force or threats were used. In other words, you argue that it should be a simple larceny, rather than robbery. If the threat or force was used after the personal property is taken, that's not robbery. 


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